Baston Coat of Arms

Baston Family Genealogy

Baston family of Hackney, Shoreditch and Whitechapel, London from 1785, originally from Bampton, Oxfordshire

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Baston Coat of Arms

Ancestors of Adam Luke John BASTON of Andover, Hampshire, UK


4096. William (Basson) BASTON

  Either William Basson (RIN 2324) born 1 March 1631, Christened 27 April 1631 to John & Elizabeth Baston (married 1626 nee Hore) or less likely, William Basten Christened at St Mary's Church, Witney, 10th August 1628 to Robert.
  1662 and 1665 Taxed on one hearth.

4097. Debora [?] FLETCHER [?]

  William's wife was probably a Deborah as that is the only new name introduced into the family at this time.  William (1627/8) had both a daughter and a granddaughter christened Deborah.  There is a burial for a "Debera Baston of Aston" at Bampton in 1700, this is probably his wife as there were no other Deborah Baston's around at that time except as noted below.
  I originally had William's (1631) wife as Susannah as per the information contained in Brig Goadby's notes regarding William & Susannah Baston taking over the lease at Black Horse at Standlake in 1672.  This has since proved incorrect as the original documents clearly show that is was a William Bosely and his wife Susannah as the lessees of the Black Horse in 1672.
  (NB. The 1700 Deborah Baston burial can't be the Deborah Baston born 1675 as she married a John Cook and her burial is in Southwark, so this 1700 burial is almost certainly William's wife Debora.)

2048. Elizabeth BASTON

Probably the Elizabeth who died 1742 in East Hendred originally from Bampton - see will 1742.
Died 1742 a spinster according to her will. The only burial I can find is of an Elizabeth Baston in 1745 at Stanton Harcourt "17th July 1745, Elizabeth Baston a single woman".

2048. Deborah BASTON

1742 Will, was left bulk of her sister, Elizabeth's estate.
The only Deborah's baptised at Bampton between 1660 & 1700 are Deborah Bazly to a William 26th November 1665, (maybe an incorrect spelling and this is the one) or the other is Deborah Joyes 20th November 1667 to Henry Joyes.

2048. Thomas BASTON

Added in as he is mentioned in his sister, Elizabeth's 1742 Will, also in his sister Deborah's 1754 Will..

2048. Jonathan BASTON

1742 Mentioned in his sister Elizabeth's Will as deceased with legacies to his two sons, Henry & William.

4100. Robert SKINNER

Possibly married Marie Morland 2nd October 1655 Sulhampstead Abbots, Berkshire.

  I'm still researching so if you have anything to add or correct then
please email Baston Family Genealogy

Please mention the RIN number attached to a person's name as it is very difficult for me to know for which John, William, Thomas, Edward etc you wish to have more information.

Thank you

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