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Baston family of Hackney, Shoreditch and Whitechapel, London from 1785, originally from Bampton, Oxfordshire


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Baston Coat of Arms

One Name Study
for the Baston, Basson, Bason, Bastin, Bastian, Bastion, Barson, Barston, Burston & Burson
and other surname variants.

Oxfordshire & North Berkshire

(Known families - links will be added as information becomes available.  If you have any information on any of these families, I would love to know what happened to them all.)

John Baston & Elizabeth Thatcher married 1552 Bampton, Oxfordshire, and is my family line. (This family now has links to families in London, Berkshire, Buckinghamshire, Gloucestershire, Warwickshire and even Scotland.)

Edward Basson & Ann Birt (or Burt) married 1778, Culham, Oxfordshire, probably from Shinfield or Swallowfield area of Berkshire. (Important - this family has been recently removed from the main family tree and become one of the "unlinked" families.

Henry Basson & Eleanor Trinder married 1774, Northmoor, Oxfordshire & later moved to Cumnor, Berkshire.

Henry & Elizabeth Basson of Wolvercote, Oxfordshire from about 1753, later lived in Elsfield , Oxfordshire.

John & Mary Bason of Ardington, Berkshire from about 1730 and later in Nuneham Courtney, Oxfordshire. - November 2008, now added into the main family tree.

Richard Baston & Martha Shepherd married 1722 Bampton, Oxfordshire.

Thomas Barson & Elizabeth King married 1786 Coggs, Oxfordshire. (probably descended from William Burson & Katherine Careless below.)

William Burson of Willersley, Gloucestershire & Katherine Careless married 1587 Shipton under Wychwood, Oxfordshire.

Thomas & Mary Baston or Bason of Kelmscott, married about 1765, lived in the Kelmscott area of Oxfordshire, also has descendants in Gloucestershire & Berkshire.

William & Ann Baston of Wendlebury, Oxfordshire and latterly of Aylesbury, Buckinghamshire, William born about 1650.


Baston families in London in the 1800's

If you find any of these useful, please let me know as I'd like to know what happened to them all. I have quite an extensive collection of baptism, birth  & marriage certificates etc for the other Baston families, if you want copies etc, again let me know.

These provided a few false leads in my early research so have some reasonable detail with them, they are;

Joseph & Emma Baston family of Hackney, Joseph born 1810 Nottinghamshire - a Brewer by trade, in London from about 1830, had 3 daughters and 1 son before he died at a young age in 1855.

John & Mary Baston family of the St Pancras area, John born 1795 Ottery, Devon - Tin plate Worker and Gas Meter Makers in London from about 1840. John a son born 1820 Bristol married a Mary Beeton 4th September 1842, in the Old Church, Saint Pancras, London and had an extended family, based in the St Pancras area of London.

John & Charlotte Baston  family in the Old Street area, John born 1846 Truro, Cornwall, married Charlotte Collis, 23rd March 1878 in St Marks, Old Street  - also a family of Boot Makers.  Appeared in London about 1874.

Thomas & Elizabeth Bastion family (Bastion but appears as Baston from about 1850) Camberwell, Surrey. Ostlers in the 1800's.


Home John of Bampton Edward of Culham Henry of Cumnor Henry of Wolvercote Richard of Bampton Thomas of Coggs Thomas of Kelmscott William of Wendlebury
  I'm still researching so if you have anything to add or correct then
please email Baston Family Genealogy

Please mention the RIN number attached to a person's name as it is very difficult for me to know for which John, William, Thomas, Edward etc you wish to have more information.

Thank you

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